FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

General Enquiries

I would like to get some advice on spending a semester abroad in general.

Without appointment you can visit us during our office hours.
By E-Mail you can contact us as well. Furthermore you can attend our information sessions on all about „go abroad” (Study, Internship, Erasmus). The dates of sessions are found on our posters and in eKVV, Internationales in Studium und Lehre

Im looking for an internship qbroad

It is possible to find an internship by your own initiative or through an organisation / private agency. There are some faculties providing information on internship for their students. Please see here for further information.


I need a transcript in English

Please download the documents „Informationen zum Transkript” and „Transkript (Word)” (both in German) from „Allgemeine Dokumente” in downloads.

I need an English Language-certificate or a certificate of other languages.

Please see the website of the Language Center.

How can I prepare my application well in English?

We offer „Bewerbungsworkshop Englisch (Workshop for Application in English)” during the semester. At the workshop you will be prepared for written applications (Cover Letter and CV) as well as for interviews (telephone interview).
For further information and/or to apply for the workshop, please contact us by E-Mail.

What should be the content of the Recommendation Letter for the application of exchange programs / scholarships at International Office?

Please refer to the form of „Reports on scholarship applications” of DAAD as an example.


Do I have to pay the semester fee during my stay abroad?

You can take a leave of absence during your stay abroad. More information is available here.

How can I organise the funding for my study / internship abroad?

Please see the general Information regarding funding here. Information on the scholarships offered at International Office is available here (Stipendienbroschüre) . The information for internships in Europe is available here.

When are the application deadlines of scholarships at International Office?
  • 15.01.:
    Internship, research, thesis during the period from 01.02. to 31.07.
  • 31.05.:
    Study, internship, research, thesis, language course during the period from 01.07. to 28.02.
  • 31.10.:
    Study, internship, research, thesis, language course during the period from 01.01. to 31.07.

Recognition of academic credit points gained abroad at Bielefeld University

How can I transfer the credit points that I gain(ed) abroad to Bielefeld University?

The International Office is not responsible for recognition of academic credit points. You have to apply for the recognition of your credit points with the recognition officer („der/die Anrechnungsbeauftragte”). More information is available here (in German).
Please see also the relevant information at „Studium im Ausland”.

After you are back

How could my experience abroad benefit other students?

You can engage yourself as Country Ambassador for Bielefeld students. Please see more about the program here (in German).

Additionally, there is another program you can join and be a mentor for international students at Bielefeld University. More information on „International Mentoring Programme” is available here.